Monday, 28 August 2017

Before the BBQ, comes the tidy up!

There will be a pre-BBQ work party on Sat 2nd Sept 10-12noon.

Ricky will be leading the work party, it will mostly be cosmetic work to make the garden as tidy as possible for the BBQ - let's make a good impression for all the potential new members!

September 2017 BBQ

Sat 2nd Sept 12:30-3:30pm is the Oxford Road Community Garden and the Western Elms Avenue Summer BBQ.

Soft drinks, condiments, rolls, salad, a veggie curry and plates/cutlery/cups will be provided. Please bring your own main courses for the BBQ's, we'll have a veggie one and a meat one up and running.
If anyone is in a volunteering to help mode we need:
  • Jacket potatoes in foil (about 30), 
  • A raffle coordinator (small raffle with 1 prize already acquired) 
  • BBQ tenders

Please contact us if you can help out.
As ever the safety of the garden members is paramount, as such can I remind you NOT to bring glass into the garden - if you want to bring beers & wine please keep this in mind.
Please share this with friends and family, neighbours and local groups. This event is the garden's annual awareness event to bring new residents to the garden.
We look forward to seeing you there 😎

Friday, 4 August 2017

Oxford Road Community Garden Newsletter and Work Party this Saturday!


It's the summer holidays - you can tell because it's raining!

The garden is normally really busy through the summer holidays so please remember to use the diary to let others know of any big events in the garden. This avoids clashes and disappointment. Also, please take your rubbish/litter home, we do not have a rubbish collection service, the bin at the end of the lane is really only for small amounts of rubbish, leaving bin bags by the bin is fly tipping and you can be fined for leaving it there.

We have a new committee member, Val, who is organising the veg plots for us, if you have a plot I'm sure you've heard from her. Welcome Val. If anyone would like to join the committee please let me know.

The next work party is Sat 5th Aug 10-12 noon, Ricky is leading this one, please drop in even for just a while and meet some of the other garden members. Lots of small jobs for all abilities.

In a future newsletter we will also be including a small list of tasks for key holders who have given apologies for not being able to attend  work parties for one reason or another. 

We look forward to a big turn out on Saturday to share the care and maintenance of the Garden.

Best wishes from The Garden Committee.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

ORCG Update March 2017

A quick update on the progress made so far in securing the garden.

Firstly, a big thank you to the many hands that attended the work party on Saturday, it was good to see so many turn out to help, the next work party will be Saturday 1st April.

Secondly, it was agreed at the Future of the Garden meeting we would approach all key holders and ask for a £5 contribution towards the running of the garden, to this end Norman Pitcher from the ORCG committee will be contacting all members to ask for these funds. We hope, if you can afford to, you feel the garden is worth this small investment, but if you cannot afford the investment please tell us and please stay with the garden. As part of this request for funds if you want to make the contribution via online banking the garden bank details are available via email, please put your surname in the reference space so we can take you off the contact list.

Next steps for the committee is approaching each of the schools, nurseries and pre-school groups that use the garden for a contribution, plus, the committee will be approaching local companies for support/funding/sponsorship, if you or your company can help please let us know.

Finally, we have had a few offers of support for committee roles, the website and fundraising, if you would like to find out how you can help with please contact us.

As ever, any queries please email us.

Ricky Josey
Chair ORCG

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Summer: ORCG work party Sat 4th June 10am to noon

Reminder: June work party this Saturday - all welcome! 10am until 12 noon. I will be leading this work party. We will be building up the burn pile, removing brambles and bindweed and giving the compost heaps a turning.

If you have trees or plants you would like to donate to the Reading Tree Wardens to sell on their stall at Waterfest on the 11th June then please bring them to the garden for collection 10am this Saturday (4th). Please let me know in advance so I can coordinate the collection, especially if you have large items!

If anyone has a pond net we could use Saturday please bring it along as we have a lot of duck weed to remove.

As the garden gets busy in the summer please put any events into the diary and check not just the day page but also inside the front cover as some events have been added here.

I am chasing the council re the rear fence and to investigate the oak tree for fungal attack, I will update you as I get more information.

Finally, as the garden gets busy can I remind you all of a couple of basic garden rules, there is no rubbish collection so please take your rubbish with you (there is a litter bin on Western Elms Ave at the end of the access lane) and please do not bring glass into the garden - we have a lot of young children using the garden - lets keep everyone safe.

Any queries please contact me.

Ricky Josey