Wednesday 17 November 2010

November Working Party

Over the course of the morning, some people arrived at first light (more or less) and stayed until the bitter, frosty end, and some breezed in and out, doing what they were able. A truly enormous quantity of manure was shoveled from outside the gate into wheelbarrows and distributed around the garden and into the compost heaps; next year's harvest should be spectacular! And the primroses are still holding on. We must remember to check them again in December.

Quite a small pile of manure, when you consider what was there before the photographer arrived...

Barrows of manure.

Wheel it in, tip it out

Spreading it on the allotment beds

Mmmm, lovely!

Boosting the rockery

Bright-coated children

Mowing leaves to aid the mulching process - also, this way they are picked up into the mower's bucket and can just be tipped onto the compost heap. Clever!

The penultimate barrowful!

Poo for the primroses.

Primroses in November