Thursday 9 August 2012

August 2012 Update

Good evening garden members.

The sun is finally coming out to play, perhaps the summer can now start?
Sat 11th August (10am-12noon) is the next monthly work party, Dr Howlett will be leading this session, main tasks are cut the lawn, weed the flower beds and generally tidy up the garden. Members of Transition Reading are hoping to come for a visit during the morning so if you are about keep an eye out for them.

We had a team of corporate volunteers from the Hilton Group in the garden on Fri 20th July, they recoated the fence from the gate to the corner, recoated the cabin and the tool shed, quite a busy team, more details and a photo or two to follow.

With the school holidays in full swing the garden can get busy, can I remind you the garden diary is on the outside of the cabin, if you are planning a large event in the garden please email the committee on with the subject “Event” as well as writing  it in the diary, this is purely to ensure there are no clashes of dates with maintenance work or external volunteers in the garden that could ruin your event.

If you have photos of the garden that you are willing to go on the website then please email them to me with a caption or event title.

The committee have two requests to the members, firstly, does anyone have a sturdy metal container they are prepared to donate or lend to the garden, it needs to be large enough to hold 2 footballs stacked on top of each other. It will be used to store the bird food for the feeders and stored in the shed with the toilet in so needs an airtight lid. 

Secondly, the committee needs a couple of new faces to join it, we have had a member leave and with the ever increasing garden membership there are more and more  small tasks to complete. The committee meets approx. 6 times a year, either in the garden or at a house in WEA, usually the 1st Thursday of every other month 7-9pm MAX, the next meeting is September the 6th if you would like to come along and see what happens drop us a line so we know to let you know where the meeting is. We don’t bite.

I look forward to seeing many of you in the garden throughout the summer, let’s hope the sunshine stays.

Ricky Josey
Chair ORCG