Thursday 2 June 2016

Summer: ORCG work party Sat 4th June 10am to noon

Reminder: June work party this Saturday - all welcome! 10am until 12 noon. I will be leading this work party. We will be building up the burn pile, removing brambles and bindweed and giving the compost heaps a turning.

If you have trees or plants you would like to donate to the Reading Tree Wardens to sell on their stall at Waterfest on the 11th June then please bring them to the garden for collection 10am this Saturday (4th). Please let me know in advance so I can coordinate the collection, especially if you have large items!

If anyone has a pond net we could use Saturday please bring it along as we have a lot of duck weed to remove.

As the garden gets busy in the summer please put any events into the diary and check not just the day page but also inside the front cover as some events have been added here.

I am chasing the council re the rear fence and to investigate the oak tree for fungal attack, I will update you as I get more information.

Finally, as the garden gets busy can I remind you all of a couple of basic garden rules, there is no rubbish collection so please take your rubbish with you (there is a litter bin on Western Elms Ave at the end of the access lane) and please do not bring glass into the garden - we have a lot of young children using the garden - lets keep everyone safe.

Any queries please contact me.

Ricky Josey