Friday 12 March 2010

An update for 2010

Dear Garden Member,
As a valued member of the garden I am sending this update to invite you to get a little more involved with the garden.
If you have a query about the garden or would like to see something happen or not happen then please email the garden and we will discuss your query at the next committee meeting, held on the first Thursday of the month.

What’s going on?
If you would like to hold an event in the garden please check the diary in the garden (on the outside of the cabin) or email the garden and we’ll check it out for you, most events can be catered for (family BBQ, etc) we’re just trying to avoid clashes. For those of you with young children concerned about the pond there is a temporary fence that can be erected, it’s stored in the toilet cabin.  Please remember, children in the garden are the responsibility of their guardian(s), not the garden.

Ongoing through the year Reading Single Homeless Project (RSHP) will be using the garden on Tuesdays from 10-2pm (approx), please take this into consideration when deciding on when to attend the garden, Alison the group organiser will be with the group each Tuesday.

Through the spring, summer and autumn three local schools use the garden (during school hours) so you may find the garden particularly busy, so again, please check the diary before attending.

On Thursday 15th April volunteers from the British Trust Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) will be in the garden to finish the path extensions around the veg patches, volunteers warmly welcomed to join in, drop the garden an email (or tell a committee member) and mark it “FOA BTCV April  15th” and we’ll pass on your email, Oonagh is always willing to welcome new faces.

In addition to this, the committee hold work parties every second Saturday of the month 9-12noon, there is always something to do for all abilities, coma along even if it’s just to say hello.