Tuesday 6 April 2010

National Bean Pole Week: 17th - 25th April 2010

Bean Pole Bundles 
[11 poles, 7ft maximum] 

Price per bundle
Hazel £5.00   Ash £4.50 

For more information or to order, call Judith on (0118) 947 8920

Woodland Management and Woodland Products 
Conservation groups in the Reading area have had permission from Reading Council to coppice hazel from certain areas in Reading’s woodlands as part of their woodland management plans. These hazel wands make excellent bean poles. The groups are selling bundles of 11 [approx. 7ft long] poles to raise money for their tools fund.

The bundles will be £5 each, and there could be pea sticks as a by-product of the coppicing if required. Bundles of ash poles may also be available for £4.50 each.
Coppiced woodlands have been neglected during the last century, so by reintroducing this traditional product we are rejuvenating the woodlands, opening them up for bluebells, fritillary butterflies etc. and the poles are a sustainable product, they grow again within 6 years or so and they are local.
Support local sustainable woodland management!. Call (0118) 947 8920 to order and arrange collection.