Saturday, 17 March 2012

Garden update March 2012 - Plot Holder reminder & Reading Rescue 2012 Update

Good morning ORCG members.

As spring is approaching and the garden is stirring for another year we really do need all current plot holders to confirm they wish to retain their plots, most have but a few have not. There are currently 2 half plots available, but also 2 half plots unconfirmed , if you have already replied/confirmed you do not need to reply again, but please let me know ASAP your decision if you have not replied. We have requests for 3 half plots so far and the planting season has already started for the early starters, so the quicker we know the quicker the new plot holders can get started. The main points about allotments from the last email are copied at the end of this email for your reference.

The Reading Rescue 2012 event was another success with approximately 8 bags of rubbish and 4 bags of recycling collected from the entrance and parking area. Photos will be available shortly. From publicity for Reading Rescue 2012 we are in the process of gaining 3 new members, another success story for the garden and Reading Rescue.

The next work party in the garden will be Sat 14th of April 10am-noon, I hope you can make it even for just a few minutes to say hello.

I hope to see you in the garden soon,

Ricky Josey
Chair ORCG


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