Thursday 13 March 2014

March 2014 Update

Spring appears to have arrived, just like the latest update from the ORCG!

After a winter sleep we're back to keep you informed about the garden, there's lots to tell you so here goes:

Reading Rescue is this week and ORCG will be clearing up the access lane to the garden on Sat 15th starting 10am, please come along and join in, this will be a short task and then we'll move into the garden to start tidying up after a windy spring. See for info on all the events for Spring 2014.

Work parties in the garden will be 10am-12noon on the first Saturday of each month (Apr-Oct) with April 5th being the first, please come along, meet other garden members and help as little or as much as you can. Plot holders and all garden members are reminded that assisting with the garden upkeep is part of the arrangement for holding a plot and being a member of the garden.

The boundary fence adjacent to the rear of Dreams was damaged in the recent winds. Repairs have been completed. If you see any damage in the garden or to the boundaries please let a member of the committee know.
There will be work on the trees adjacent to the veg plots in the neighbouring garden on Monday 17th March from 10:30am, this should only be for the morning. Please take this into account if you are planning to use the garden.

New furniture and equipment is (finally) being ordered for the garden, we will inform you of arrival dates shortly.

If you have an event for the garden or are part of a group that would like to use the garden please drop us the details so we can avoid event clashes.

Finally, we invite all garden members to consider joining the steering committee for the garden, we have 4 members but would like at least a couple more, there's not too much involved, we have a chair, treasurer and secretary in place and a maximum of 4 meeting a year (we've already had 1 of them this year) and the summer BBQ. Please drop me a line for more info.

I think that's plenty from me, I hope to see you in the garden soon.

Ricky Josey
Chair ORCG