Monday 28 August 2017

September 2017 BBQ

Sat 2nd Sept 12:30-3:30pm is the Oxford Road Community Garden and the Western Elms Avenue Summer BBQ.

Soft drinks, condiments, rolls, salad, a veggie curry and plates/cutlery/cups will be provided. Please bring your own main courses for the BBQ's, we'll have a veggie one and a meat one up and running.
If anyone is in a volunteering to help mode we need:
  • Jacket potatoes in foil (about 30), 
  • A raffle coordinator (small raffle with 1 prize already acquired) 
  • BBQ tenders

Please contact us if you can help out.
As ever the safety of the garden members is paramount, as such can I remind you NOT to bring glass into the garden - if you want to bring beers & wine please keep this in mind.
Please share this with friends and family, neighbours and local groups. This event is the garden's annual awareness event to bring new residents to the garden.
We look forward to seeing you there 😎